Saturday, July 19, 2014

Review: When Day Breaks by Maya Banks...3 out of 5 rating...

When Day Breaks (KGI, #9)When Day Breaks by Maya Banks
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I am a HUGE fan of Maya Banks and of this series. It's one of my favorites. I have been waiting for Swanny's book since first reading about him. I wanted him to get his woman and his HEA. So I was so excited that his book was finally released.

I LOVED the beginning and I LOVED the ending but the in between was just ok for me. I don't know what happened but the story just didn't keep my attention and I hate saying that because I LOVE Swanny and I loved the idea of Eden and him together so much. I also loved that they got together so fast without a lot of drama. So I'm not sure where I lost the love for this story.

I loved the part with Sam and Garrett each holding their babies. *sigh*

I'm hoping to read more about Eden's 2 brothers (Raid and Ryker). And I am always interested in where Maya is going with Hancock. Hoping he will get a book of his own as well.

So although it wasn't my favorite of the series it was still a well written story that has me looking forward to more in the series.

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