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Book Spotlight: Time's Embrace by Deb Stover...

Three of bestselling author Deb Stover's most-loved time travel romance novels are collected here for the first time in Time's Embrace.  These classic romance stories are a tour de force adventure through love and history as only Deb Stover can create.

Time’s Embrace includes the novels Almost An Angel, A Moment in Time, Another Dawn, and a never-before published short story sequel to Another Dawn.

In Almost An Angel, Fate has given Hilary Brown one more chance at life. After Zach Ryan walks into her afterlife, will he lead her to Heaven’s gate or is he the temptation that will pave the path to Hell?

In A Moment In Time, hairdresser Jackie Clarke finds herself suddenly a saloon singer in the middle of 1891 Colorado. She just may fall into the arms of a miner with a heart of gold, if all goes right…  

Another Dawn starts with Luke Nolan on the night of his scheduled execution. After meeting a beautiful young doctor named Sofie, the two are sent back in time more than a century after a freak explosion. After she loses her memory, Luke falls in love with her. Will their love survive the future?

Almost An Angel by Deb Stover

Limping off the porch, Zach headed toward the back of the building. But his quest came to an abrupt halt when he came face to nose with a bear, even taller than the invisible rabbit who'd been his companion for most of his adult life. It was the biggest bear he'd ever seen. The Los Angeles County Zoo just didn't grow them in the giant economy size.
"Holy Mother of..."
He backed toward the door, but the huge beast seemed curious--or hungry--enough to pursue him, making noises deep in its furry chest that sounded nothing like Gentle Ben or Smokey. If this was a hungry bear, which Zach was predisposed to believe all such creatures were, he was as good as lunch.
Pinned against the formidable front door, Zach swallowed hard when the monster planted one huge paw on either side of his face and just stood there on its hind legs, staring at its prey. The beast sniffed and exhaled in Zach's face. Its breath smelled like something had crawled inside it and died.
And I'm next.
So this was his fate. Zach Ryan, aerospace engineer, would end his less than memorable life in the intestines of a gigantic black bear. He closed his eyes for a moment, waiting for the creature to take its first bite, but nothing happened.
Peeking through one eye, Zach thought it was too good to be true. The beast simply groaned, dropped to all fours and turned away. Maybe he didn't like the smell of Californians who'd lived in smog all their lives.
"Off with you, silly old bear,"a woman's voice commanded as she prodded the beast in the haunches with a long stick. "Go find a tree and scratch your back. There's nothing for you here."
Zach blinked and rubbed his eyes in disbelief as the bear lumbered away from town and vanished into the woods. He heaved a sigh of relief, then turned his gaze to the woman who seemed to have appeared from nowhere.
She was a curious creature, wearing a calf-length red dress with a wide black belt laced up the front, accentuating full breasts and a small waist. Though he would have enjoyed permitting his gaze to linger on the swells of flesh pressed above the belt, Zach looked downward and discovered shapely legs encased in red and black striped stockings. Interesting fashion accessory.
Looking back up the length of her, he noticed a prominent scar on her neck, marring her fair complexion. It was a red mark, forming a perfect, hideous circle around her slender neck. Not wanting to be rude, Zach dragged his attention from the scar. She had plenty of assets to admire.
Her golden hair was pulled away from her face and held with a comb at her crown, while the back and sides hung in soft curls nearly to her waist. She looked like...
Miss Kitty.
He must be imagining things. Besides, Miss Kitty had red hair, not blond. This woman was like something out of an old John Wayne movie. Or a fairy tale? If she was Goldilocks, he sure as hell hoped Mama Bear and Baby Bear weren't lurking nearby, waiting to take up where Papa'd left off.
He took a tentative step toward her, noting the way the sunlight shone in her hair as she stood staring at him with the makeshift bear-prod still clutched in her hands. She blinked at him with a pair of the largest blue eyes he'd ever seen.
She was beautiful.
Then she smiled and he thought for certain he must be imagining her. This gorgeous woman couldn't be out here alone, could she? Dressed like a saloon girl?
"I helped you. Didn't I?"she asked eagerly, dropping her long pole as he approached. "I'm Hilary Brown. Welcome to Columbine, sir."
"Ms. Brown."Zach extended his hand, waiting for her to shake it, but she simply stared at him. Assuming Rocky Mountain women must not be as liberated as those in Los Angeles--thank God--he grinned crookedly and nodded. "Yeah, if you hadn't come along I'd have been bear kibble in another minute. Thanks. You an animal trainer, or something?"
She frowned, smiled, then nodded vigorously, obviously undecided. Her eyes lit up like a child's on Christmas morning. "I'm sure glad to see you. Really glad." She sighed and mopped her brow with the back of her hand. "It seems like forever since there's been a human being in Columbine."
Zach shook his head and chuckled. "You mean another human being. Don't you?" 

About The Author:

At the tender age of four, Deb Stover declared her candidacy to become the first female President of the United States. She took a detour to play Lois Lane, and penned her first Letter to The Editor at age eleven. The Lois Lane gig suited her well, so she stuck with it for a while, but in the end she couldn't bring herself to blow Clark Kent's cover for the Big Story. Then she fell in love with and married her own real American Hero, so Superman was free to continue fighting for justice (seriously, what is Clark doing about the dearth of phone booths these days?).
Considering her extensive personal experience with real heroes (Dad, Superman, Husband), redirecting her passion for writing from journalism to Romance Novels seemed a natural progression. Since publication of Shades of Rose in 1995, she has received dozens of awards for her work, which includes over twenty titles in a variety of languages and formats.
A native of Wichita, Kansas, Deb and her family have lived in five states, but after her Hero Husband's death, she recently made the decision to follow the Yellow Brick Road back to be near her Hero Dad in Kansas. After all "there's no place like home."
Of course, there's still the unfinished matter of her presidential campaign, but first she has many more stories left to pen....

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