Saturday, February 27, 2016

Review: Corrupted by Alexis Noelle...Top Pick...

CorruptedCorrupted by Alexis Noelle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars **Top Pick**

Wow...I was so not expecting this story. It started off a little slow because Lucy was only 14 but the story picked up quickly as Lucy aged to 18 within the first several chapters. I loved Jordan but Lucy was the real star of this book. I wasn't prepared for the brutality of what happened to her and it crushed me. But the way Jordan supported her and the way she was able to slowly move on made me love her even more. I was not ready for their story to end and could have continued to read more about them. I'm hoping to get more of Jordan and Lucy in the next book about Twisted. So excited for his book!! There were a lot of characters that I'm hoping will get their stories told. (Tracie, Danny, Shooter, Torch, etc.) This was my first Alexis Noelle read and she has gained a HUGE fan in me.

She is being hunted.
Prey left defenseless.
She needs to hide.
They cannot find her.
They will kill her if they do.

When Lucy decided to run, she didn’t know where to go. They were coming for her. She needed protection, but she had no one to help her. Until she came across the warehouse of the Deathstalkers MC and begged them for protection. Now she owes them her life and her loyalty. Her family will never end their search for her; she is a piece of property that needs to be recovered at any cost necessary. For Lucy, there are worse things than needing to hide for the rest of her life, being found is one of those things.
Sometimes the obvious evils aren’t the ones you need to fear.

*Disclaimer - The book is not recommended to readers sensitive to graphic depictions of violence. This book is not suitable for persons under 18 years of age.*

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