Sunday, February 28, 2016

Quick Review: Dating A Mob Boss by B. T. Love...

Dating A Mob Boss (The Dating Series, #2)Dating A Mob Boss by B.T. Love
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I loved Trent and even though Amber annoyed me sometimes I enjoyed their story. I especially liked at the end getting a little bit of the story through Trent's POV. I'll definitely be looking for more from B.T. Love.

Amber was elated at leaving California and starting her new life in Brooklyn, New York. But as she settled in she realized she made a naive mistake and rented an apartment in a bad neighborhood, the tenants in her building consisting of drug addicts and prostitutes. Not wanting to run back home, she resolved to stay and make the best of it. She found a job at an Italian restaurant a few blocks away and even convinced her new boss to give her the day shifts so she wouldn't have to walk back to her new apartment after dark. Everything was falling into place. 
And then she met him. 
Trent Falco was a feared man in Brooklyn. As the current acting head of the Falco family, he was known for pushing cocaine as well as dabbling in illegal gambling. Amber knew she should stay away from him but his good looks and charm captivated her in an instant. Trent became her cocaine. She was hooked. 

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