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Sneak Peek Post: Fight For Me by Bethany Bazile...




New Adult Contemporary

Releasing March 31, 2014

I just needed someone to show me how to fight for me…

When tragedy hits Alexis Cole is shattered. She carries the blame on her shoulders after losing a big piece of herself. When Ryder Hayes sweeps back into her life, she has something to hold on to, but just as quickly as he appeared he was gone. When fate-or meddling parents-throw them back together they can no longer deny the heat that’s burned between them for years.

Ryder has always wanted Lexi, but he’s never fought so hard against something in his life.  Saving Lexi from her past was never on his agenda, but he could never bear letting her drown in it. With his UFC championship title on the line, the last thing he needs is to be distracted by Lexi. When she’s thrown back into his life he can no longer fight their attraction.

But once he claims her he knows he’ll never let go.

***Mature content warning*** 
This title is intended for Adults 18+ due to language and explicit sexual content.

If you have an aversion to steamy scenes, you may not want to board this ride, because it will be a hot and sweaty one.

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Not many people were in the gym, but my eyes were immediately drawn to Ryder anyway, so the place could’ve been empty as far as I was concerned. His flexing muscular body, his sharp jabbing movements, and his excellent form paralyzed me.

I gaped at him as if in a helpless trance. I couldn’t get my feet to move toward the exit. His dark hair was drenched with sweat. His muscles tightened and strained as he slammed his fist into the huge bag over and over again.

How does he manage to be even more appealing while violently mashing a bag and sweating profusely?

He’d grown a little dark scruffy hair on his strong jaw overnight. His tanned skin looked so smooth and enticing. I wanted to run my hands over the ridged valley of his abdomen, and feel the warmth of his skin under my tongue. He was the perfect recipe for disaster, and I was aching to be destroyed by him.

His muscles were tightly cut everywhere, and I wondered just how well shaped he’d be under those shorts. As if on cue to my ogling him, he stopped hitting the bag, and turned his head toward me. A wild rush of heat flowed through my body as he smiled at me.

Oh, shit.

He knew I’d been checking him out. No-I’d been standing there practically fucking him with my eyes.

He nodded his head toward the door, ordering me to come into the gym. Damn, I wished I hadn’t let my hormones rule me, and made the quick escape I’d planned. I’d spent way more time than sane smelling his pillow this morning, imagining what it would be like waking next to him. I could already feel my common sense leaving me as I approached the door and met him halfway across the room.

He stopped in front of me, crowding me with his big body. I could feel the energy radiating off his skin. Maybe it was all the testosterone in the room that had me feeling so dazed. It had to be caused by something more than his cocky smile and sparkling baby blues.

He bit his lower lip, his eyes traveling over my dress, making me feel naked. My nipples pebbled as though he’d caressed them with more than a hungry gaze.

It was her.

She gazed at me with those bright hazel eyes, and I was thrown back the night she’d opened them and looked at me like I was everything she needed.

The look she gave me now was different. Her gaze was predatory and hungry. Her lip parted in a really quiet gasp as she stopped to stare at me.

Fuck, why was she looking at me like that?

She had changed. Gone was the pale faced, frail girl who was strapped to the hospital bed. My gaze traveled over her tight shirt and tiny little sleep shorts.

Perfect perky tits.

Small little waist.

Smooth creamy legs.

If I had a checklist, it would take me days to check off each part of her I would’ve liked to lick. Then I’d pull those long silky legs around my waist and…

Look away, Hayes. You don’t need to get a hard-on in your dad’s kitchen for his step daughter.

She yanked her too short shirt down in an effort to cover her exposed navel ring. Pulling it down over that smooth expanse of skin only pressed the shirt tighter against her chest, and my gaze shot up to her pebbled nipples.

Fuck this.

I needed to get out of there-and quickly. I’d never wanted a woman as much as I wanted to take this one. It had always been this way with Lexi, but it had definitely increased in intensity. I almost didn’t give a fuck David was in the room.  I wanted to push her against a wall and make her beg me for it.

Women didn’t usually affect me this way. Being a fighter kept me too busy to think about women, but Alexis always had a way of distracting me. Don’t get me wrong I liked to fuck. And often. But the shit she was stirring inside me was not something I was used to. Avoiding her attempts to push her way into my life had been a good decision. I always had a soft spot for Alexis and now it was mixed in with full-blown lust.


About the Author

Bethany Bazile is the author of erotic novels Beautifully Broken, Beautifully Revealed and UnBurdened. She reads, writes and lives in New Jersey with her husband and two amazing kids. Her passion for writing was born from a love affair between books and music.  She loves books that draw her in and won’t release her until she’s inhaled every word, panting with excitement. Then she realize the sun came out but the lost of sleep was so worth it. When she isn’t reading, she’s conjuring up steamy love scenes and hot romance stories to share with fellow romance lovers.

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