Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reviewed: Carnal Secrets by Suzanne Wright...5 out of 5 Rating...

A pack Alpha and his estranged, true mate wrestle with painful secrets, ruthless enemies, and their own irresistible attraction, in the sexy third book of the Phoenix Pack series.

Half-shifter Shaya Critchley may hold a submissive role in her pack, but she’s done taking orders. After her Alpha wolf mate refused to claim her—but committed to interfering in her life—she took off. Now she hides from him, posing as a human in a town full of anti-shifter extremist groups. She thinks he’ll never find her again, and that suits her just fine. But she’s wrong.

Nick Axton can barely control his feelings for Shaya, but he could never claim her—not if he truly cares for her. The degenerative brain condition he keeps secret would ultimately leave her with a burden rather than a mate. But when Shaya runs away, Nick can’t bear the thought of never seeing her again. After tracking her down, he discovers Shaya’s feisty and passionate side in the process…a side he’d never seen before.

Under the menacing gazes of territorial local packs and violent human extremists, Nick vows to finally claim the spirited Shaya…and despite her initial resistance, Shaya just might find his fiery determination to be the ultimate aphrodisiac.

This is definitely one of my favorite series and I have been so looking forward to Shaya and Nick!! 

Oh…this couple has broken my heart from the first time they met with Nick’s refusal of Shaya as his mate. I have been not so patiently waiting for Suzanne to give them their much deserved HEA. I couldn’t wait to read how she would achieve this after all the hurt and disappointment between the two.   

So good!! Right from the opening  I was sucked in and rooting for Nick. I could just feel the love he had for Shaya coming off the pages.  He was so conflicted between doing what he thought was the right thing and what he truly wanted more than anything.   

One of the many things that I loved about their story and a huge reason why I didn’t want to kick Nick in his junk was how Nick went about winning Shaya over.  He went out of his way trying to prove to Shaya how truly sorry he was for hurting her and that he did want her for his mate all along.  I loved the ways that he continually showed her his feelings and not just by telling her. I did feel bad for them as to why Nick felt he couldn’t fully commit to Shaya as his mate and the resulting confusion and heartbreak that caused her.  But Nick so made up for all of that. I also loved the way Shaya handled Nick in that she didn’t give into him so easily forcing him to prove his love for her and not just saying it.  I also loved that she didn’t back down from him and his alpha ways.  Her calling him Beavis just killed me…so funny!!  Another of the things that won me over and had me smiling was how oblivious Nick was in that he was the only one who couldn’t see what a true leader he was and how others were just naturally drawn to his power. He kept insisting on not having any friends when he was constantly surrounded by them. Lol  They were just such a great couple and I had so much fun reading their relationship grow. 

So happy to read more about  my other favorite characters and I just loved Nick’s sister. The way she treated Dominic and the things that she said to him had me cracking up. Love Dominic and I am crossing my fingers that he gets his own book.  Taryn and the grandmother continued to add to the story with their hysterical comments towards each other. 

Such a great story and I am so looking forward to more. 

5 out of 5 rating.

**ARC provided by publisher~Thank you so much!!



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