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The Trouble with Christmas

by Debbie Mason

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Elements/Tags: romance, Christmas
Publisher: Hatchette/Forever
Publishing Date: Sept. 24, 2013
Format: Print and Ebook
Length: 407 Pages

Back Cover:
It will take a Christmas miracle to melt her heart.
Resort developer Madison Lane is about to lose the one thing she loves most in the world—her job. Dubbed “The Grinch Who Killed Christmas,” Madison spoiled a deal that would turn quaint Christmas, Colorado, into a tourist’s winter wonderland. Now the citizens want her fired but the company gives her one last chance, sending Madison to the small town to restore the holiday cheer.
For Sheriff Gage McBride, no hotshot executive from New York City is going to destroy the dreams of the people he loves. But one look at this beautiful woman and it’s his heart that may be broken. In just a few days, Madison causes more trouble than he’s had to deal with all year. He can’t decide if she’s naughty or nice, but one thing is for certain—Christmas will never be the same again…

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The town hall meeting with the citizens of Christmas did not go well and Madison's about to leave.
"We're not finished here. You--" Nell McBride began before the sheriff cut her off.
"It's over, Nell. Let's go." Once he'd ushered the furious citizens to the door, the sheriff made his way back to Madison. He handed her a set of keys. "The body shop couldn't have your vehicle repaired before tomorrow. Someone will return it to the rental company for you. They got you a replacement. It's the black SUV parked at the back of the building." He lifted his chin to the door behind them. "I'll go out front and tell them she's in a meeting with you, Ethan. That'll give her time to get away before they realize she's gone. Ms. Lane, it's been . . . interesting. Do me a favor and try not to hit anything on your way out of Christmas."
Smartass. She plastered a fake smile on her face. "As long as you don't have any elves jumping out of the woods waving good-bye signs, I should be good."
Just when she thought she couldn't wait to see the last of his too-gorgeous face, he flashed a sexy grin and winked. Then, with a nod to the mayor, he strode from the hall, closing the doors behind him.
Mayor O'Connor's cell rang as she said good-bye to him at the back door. "I'm fine. Take your call," she said, heading to the SUV.
He scanned the lot that was empty save for the two unoccupied vehicles beside hers, then nodded, answering his cell. Lifting his hand in farewell, he closed the door.
Madison caught a flash of color to her left as she slid behind the wheel of the SUV. Concerned she might be risking life and limb by sticking around, she turned the key in the ignition. Her cell rang. She was tempted to let it go to voice mail until she saw who it was.
"Madison, how did the meeting go?"
Her hands strangled the wheel. "No thanks to you, I got out of there alive. What were you thinking, Harrison? You had those people convinced there was actually a possibility this deal could be pushed through." At the sound of voices coming from the side of the building, Madison did a quick shoulder check, about to pull out.
"As far as I'm concerned, you're being overly cautious, and I feel a full review is in order before we let go of this property."
"You are not in a position to demand a review. But I am in a position to demand you write a letter of apology to this town and explain to them you were not authorized to make the promises that you did," she said, as she backed up.
A loud bang, then another, rocked the SUV. She slammed on the brakes, jerking her gaze to the rearview mirror. Ted and Fred pointed at her, shouting, "You killed Nell!"
Meet Author Debbie Mason:

Praised as a "writer to watch" by RT Book Reviews, Debbie Mason also writes Scottish-set historical paranormals as Debbie Mazzuca. Her MacLeod series debuted in April 2010 and is said to "combine the passion of Hannah Howell's Highand romances with the seductive fantasy of Karen Marie Moning's bestsellers."

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  1. What a terrific excerpt! Sounds like a great book!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful read - thanks for the contest!

  3. I'm loving these excerpts, but I can't remember who Nell is. LOL

    Marcy Shuler

  4. I have enjoyed the excerpts. This sounds like just the book to read when all the chaos of the Christmas season is starting to get to you. Some hot chocolate and a book with a sense of humor can do a lot to help de-stress.

  5. I love Christmas romances I look for them all year and save them for the holidays. Thank you so much