Monday, March 14, 2016

My Reviews Are Just My Opinion....WTH?!?!

I don't understand people. What right do people think they have to say things about me when they don't even know a thing about me.
My reviews are my OPINION...How I FELT about the book.
I got this message in my Goodreads inbox ~ It's in response to a review I wrote about a 5 rating for Savage Love from London Casey / Karolyn James :

"I don't think I've ever questioned anyone's review before. Of course there's a difference in personal taste. But this book was SO FAR from a 5* rating, and you're holding yourself out as a book blogger, I couldn't help questioning it. Looking up your book shelves I noticed almost every book is 4-5, with a small handful 3*.
If you're only in it to get free books from authors, you should say so. Or take reviewing more seriously, since an honest reviewer is working for the reader, not an author.
I'm sure you're someone who hates to hurt anyone's feelings and may actually think you're helping authors. But the bar needs to be set at a decent standard so readers can rely on your opinions.
This book did have a few things going for it that some people may like, and I won't get into any arguments about that. Personal taste and all. But it was not well written. It was, in fact, terribly written."

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