Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Can't Wait: Every Blissful Moment (Hyena Heat #4) by R. E. Butler...

Every Blissful Moment by R. E. Butler 

June 20, 2015

Amazon link: http://amzn.to/1LbYFPJ

Non-shifting wolf Bliss Roberts imagined the most exciting thing in her future would be her honeymoon with her three gorgeous hyena husbands. She never expected them to get lost in the mountains on the way home and stumble upon a young owl shifter being forced to mate with a much older male. When Bliss helps the girl escape, her people demand that Bliss and her husbands become the evening’s pleasure sacrifice instead.
Memphis Gable and his brothers Lincoln and Rome knew their wife was a spitfire with a wounded heart, but they didn’t expect to have to defend her to a group of deadly owl shifters. To protect her, they’ll give the owls just a taste of the passion they share with their bride. When Bliss accidentally drinks too much of an aphrodisiac, the hyena clan’s good intentions may be overwhelmed by her out-of-control lust. Can they keep a lid on their sweetheart’s passion, or will the owls demand everything they have to give?
It wouldn’t be a Hyena Heat novel without scorching m/f/m/m sex, three males who would strip naked in a heartbeat to save their mate, and the sweet woman who has claimed their hearts. This book contains a young woman in need of rescuing, dangerous owl shifters who glow when they’re turned on, mating, claiming, growled obscenities, and frequent use of the word ‘mine.’

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