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Title: Loving Her
Author: CM Hutton
Release date: October 15th, 2013
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Tour: Irresistible Reads Book Tours

Boring, but completely gorgeous. That was my first impression of him. My next two thoughts were ‘pompous ass’ and ‘cocky jerk.’ And, I had the glorious pleasure of sharing a table with him for the entire night. He didn’t speak, didn’t grunt….he just nodded and stared. If I weren’t taking my bosses place at this dinner, I’d have found another place to sit and escape Rylan Daniels.
‘Absolutely beautiful’ was what I thought when I found her at my table at the Ad Execs quarterly dinner. She wore a black strapless dress and exuded confidence from every part of her. I nodded to her, but didn’t speak. I really didn’t have much to say anyway.
I couldn’t quit staring and had to excuse myself at one point to stand across the room and watch her. It was a strange, unwelcome feeling I was having about this stunning woman.
It had been five years….five years since Kristen…..and I still couldn’t move on. That kind of hurt you just don’t get over so easily and I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to get over it. But, here I was, completely intrigued and unable to stop thinking about Jen Bailey.

I sat for several minutes alone at the table when I felt someone walk up and stand behind me.  I made a slow turn to see none other than Rylan Daniels directly behind my chair. I took in his tall, muscular body as I waited for him to speak.
“You’re not dancing?” he questioned.
What the hell?  
“Um, no,” I reply in my best sarcastic tone.
“Would you like to?”
“Are you asking me to dance with you or just curious about my abilities?” I had no idea what he wanted.
He chuckled.  “I was asking if you would like to dance…with me.”  His words were so quiet that I almost didn’t hear them.
My ears picked up the song the band started to play, A Sunday Kind of Love by Etta James it reminded me of my mom.   “Um, okay, sure. Let’s dance.”  I had this odd feeling that it had taken a lot for him to ask me, and I didn’t want to make him feel bad, but truthfully, I didn’t care to dance. At all. With anyone.
He held his hand out, and I took it.  He led us to the dance floor and carefully turned to position us facing each other. I placed my hand gently on his shoulder and in his hand as he circled his arm around my waist.  
We began to move to the music, and I let my mind drift to memories of my mom and dad dancing together in our living room when I was young.  He was a really good dancer, but didn’t seem to enjoy it at all.  It made me even more curious about the man.  
I leaned away from him slightly and looked up into his face, his beautiful gray eyes staring down at me.

About the Author:
I'm a teacher and writer who loves to read! I love writing stories with characters that just linger in your heart and mind! My first novel is based on true events and is highly emotional. I love that you are willing to take a chance on a new writer and promise to keep striving to put out great books!
If you don't like my books, that's okay. Just please be gentle on my fragile ego. ;)


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