Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Reviewed: Her Secret Pleasure by Ella Goode...5 out of 5 rating...

Her Secret Pleasure (Death Lords MC #2)Her Secret Pleasure by Ella Goode
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I love two things--books and bad boys. I'm trying to kick the bad boy habit and hold on to the loving books one. When I take the new librarian position in Fortune, I immediately say yes when the Chief of Police asks me out and deliberately turn my back on the bad motorcycle riding boys that litter the Fortune landscape. After all, my bad boy yen was kick started by the frequent absences of my nomad father. But no one turns down a man like Judge, the president of the Death Lords MC, not even a girl trying to be good.


When Pippa Lang breezes into town in her little red convertible, the wind blowing out her big red hair, there is no way the dirty Chief of Police is going to keep her. That red hair belongs on my pillow and her hot body between my sheets. And no one, not the Chief, not the town, and not even Pippa, is going to stop that from happening.

What a great surprise this book was for me. Even though it was short ~ about 89 pages ~ it packed enough HEAT for a much longer book. This is my first book from Ella Goode and I'm hooked.

There was so much steam coming off of Judge and Pippa (love that name!!) that I almost had to put my Kindle Fire in the freezer!! lol Judge was such a dirty talker ~ my favorite kind. ;) Pippa was sweet but she was able to hold her own with Judge.

I'm so interested in the other characters that I cannot wait to read their books as well. Wrecker and Chelsea along with Easy, Michigan, and Annie. Their books sound so good and I'm hoping that Ella will give Judge and Pippa more books as well considering these other characters have more than one book.

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