Monday, November 10, 2014

Review: Misjudged by Kathryn Kelly...5 out of 5 rating....

Misjudged (A Death Dwellers Novella)Misjudged by Kathryn Kelly
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is one of my favorite series as I am totally in love with Christopher and Meggie. I love these two together and the relationship that they have. This series is totally screwed up and each book and character messes with my head a little more. Some in a good way and some not in a good way. lol

I'm behind in the series as I have not read the last 3 books. The 2 with Johnny and Kendall was kinda on purpose because I love Johnny but I wasn't sure that I could handle Kendall and I don't like her for him at all. So I skipped those 2 and figured I could always come back to them later. The book with Zoann and Val, I just haven't gotten to yet but after reading Misjudged and getting ready for Misguided I think that I missed a lot more than I thought. So I'm going to have to go back and read those 3 books before Misguided comes out in Dec.

I have a REALLY HUGE problem with Kendall. I just don't like her at all~at all!!! I'm not sure where Kathryn Kelly is going with her character. I see parts of Kendall that would make her great for Johnny but then she has to go and ruin in. UGH!! I can see where Johnny adds to the drama with her but still she is just WAY WAY over the top~too much for me!! I fell more in love with Christopher for having the
come-to-Jesus talk with her and for protecting Meggie, as he always does.

Christopher *sigh* I just love all of his badassness. I love the way he is with Meggie. He always tries to do right by her even if his thinking is screwed up some. lol I also love that he would do absolutely anything for her~nothing is too much. Meggie is just so perfect for him and tries to protect him just as much. I cannot get enough of these two!!

LOVED LOVED LOVED the ending and the epilogue was so cute. I'm so looking forward to Misguided. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Kathryn has sucked me into this series once again and I'm just hoping I can survive it. lol Makes me want to go back and reread Christopher and Meggie from the beginning. ;)

Have we ever misjudged a situation? Looked at life one way only to realize it’s something else entirely?

Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell is at a crossroads. He worships his old lady, Megan. After almost losing her, he’s realizing marriage is harder than he thought, especially when he’s the president of one of the most notorious MCs around.

Megan Caldwell has been immersed in grief over her lost son, blaming herself for his death. She wants another baby and she wants to be the old lady her husband needs her to be.

Reality has a way of changing perceptions. Both Megan and Christopher will have to find answers to some hard questions. Most important one?

Where do they go from here?

Warning: This story contains a little of Kendall Miller’s backstory and a present-day decision on her part. It isn’t for the faint of heart and isn’t a hearts-and-roses type of romance. It has a little intensity, a smidgeon of fighting, a lot of loving, and approximately 1360 ‘f’ words or variations thereof.


  1. It sounds like I probably would like Kendall, but now I am curious

    1. Hey Lily,

      I will be interested to see your thoughts on this book/series. Let me know when you finished reading. Thanks for stopping by.