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Release Tour & Giveaway: Twelve Days by Dahlia Donovan...

Title: Twelve Days
Series: Blackbird series
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Cover Designer: Louisa at LM Creations
Release Date: December 15, 2014

There are only twelve days until the Christmas bash Ivy is throwing at Steve and Gareth’s penthouse. How much trouble can a small pack of shifters get into in less than a week? While working to plan the perfect party, she keeps her eye on all of the members of her new family. Each day a different couple seems to be moving closer together and she hasn’t even brought out the ruddy mistletoe yet.

And at the heart of it all though, this party started with a wish three years ago for only happy Christmas memories after the worst time of Ivy’s life.

Be warned, things get hot and spicy in this anthology.

Twelve Days is currently on SALE for 99c
I thought for this character spotlight, I’d highlight one of the couples featured in Twelve Days—Alicia Lowe and Josh Withers. We meet both of them for the first time in Ivy’s story and they featured prominently again in Masquerade, or Alicia does in any case. Alicia has her own story which should come out early next year.

So ten facts about Alicia and Josh:

1. Alicia was born into the lap of luxury while Josh essentially comes from the wrong side of the tracks. He, like many of the Blackbird pack, had a less than ideal childhood and was taking care of himself far too early in life.

2. Alicia has a cat named Minxie. Josh’s shifter form is a black panther.

3. They share a mutual disdain for being stuck in traffic.

4. There’s only one thing Josh regrets in his life and that’s not listening to Elaine on a mission in Afghanistan when the Blackbird pack was the Blackbird unit serving in the Royal Marines under Steve’s command.

5. Alicia refuses to allow her family’s money to cover her expenses. She prefers to be her own woman—independent.

6. Aside from Alicia, Josh is only obsessed with one other thing—footie.

7. In university, Alicia was roommates with Ivy for the duration of their studies. Josh and Darren similarly lived together for a while.

8. Josh prefers not to spend money, but he did purchase a brand-new matte-black Ford Mustang. It’s his pride and joy. Alicia, on the other hand, doesn’t drive though she does often take advantage of her Uncle Alim’s offer to have his chauffeur drive her around.

9. Alicia loves to shop. She loves fashion. It’s what she studied in university, and why she started a business which caters to fashion designers.

10. Before meeting each other, both Josh and Alicia kept their relationships casual. They’re not quite sure what to do with a serious relationship.

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Dahlia Donovan started out working in the insurance world. After ten years, she morphed her love of investigating accidents and studying people into writing about them. She's a bit of a hermit and despises being in front of a camera. Her life wouldn't be complete without her husband and her massive collection of books and video games.

Her first novel Ivy started out as a crazy dream which she turned into an adventurous and suspenseful paranormal romance. Her second novel Natasha was released at the end of August.

A third novel in the Blackbird series, Alicia, will come out in 2015.

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