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Wickedly Delicious Couple...

Sundays have never been more Sexier

Wickedly Delicious Couple is a weekly feature that is held on Sundays, hosted by Wickedly Delicious Book Blog. This is a blog hop geared towards book lovers preferably ages 18+ with the objective to find and visit other blogs that share the same interest as you... a love for Sexy Reads with Wickedly Delicious Couples. It can be an old book or new read.  
                                           Who is your Wickedly Delicious Couple?

My Delicious pick:

Taking Chase (Chase Brothers series Book #2)

Cassie Gambol is on the run. In what seems like another lifetime, her ex-husband nearly ended her life and effectively ended her successful career as a vascular surgeon. But even though the justice system found him guilty of attempted murder, he fled while awaiting sentencing and Carly Sunderland became Cassie Gambol.

Fleeing Los Angeles, she heads to small and off the map Petal, Georgia to start her life again.

Shane Chase, a man who’s held himself away from commitment since his fiancée dumped him several years before knows the beautiful newcomer is hiding something. He’s wildly attracted to her strength and her underlying vulnerability as well.

But the last thing Cassie wants is another big, overwhelming man who wants to control her life. A battle begins between Shane, who knows what he wants and Cassie, who knows she needs to do everything she can to keep a distance between herself and the very handsome sheriff.

But Cassie’s ex is back and he wants her dead.

I LOVE this couple!! They are one of my favorites in this series next to Tate and Matt. Shane is a huge ALPHA but the way he is with Cassie just melts my heart!!  I loved how Lauren Dane wrote that Cassie even though she was gorgeous, she didn't know it because of all she had been through but Shane made her see how truly beautiful she was inside and out. This couple shares some very tender emotional moments and some truly HOT sex. Just a great story and a great couple. This is one of my favorite books--have reread so many times. 

Her eyes fluttered closed as his lips met hers in a soft, brief and yet bone melting kiss. He didn't even use his tongue and she was nearly panting when he pulled back.
He licked his lips. "Mmmm, cherries. Very nice, darlin', very nice indeed."

"You're jealous, darlin'? Because flattering as it may be, it's unnecessary. I'm with you. You and no one else. Not ever again. But I can't change my past. I'm sorry if that hurts you . I really am."

"Wow isn't a big enough word for the way you make me feel, Cassie. There is no one else. There hasn't been since the first moment I clapped eyes on you."

Leaning down, she kissed his lips and then the cleft on his chin. Her hands skimmed over the hard, tight flesh of his shoulders and chest. Through the hair there and over the coppery nipples, his gasp of pleasure bringing her a smile. 
"I like that you have hair on your chest. It makes you even more masculine. And my goodness are you masculine. It makes me all shivery."
His hands slid up her thighs and came to rest at her waist. "I'm glad. I like that I'm not the only one shivery all the time."

Shane looked down his body at Cassie. Her dark hair, slowly drying, played peek-a-boo with her face so he got carnal glimpses of her sucking his cock. What he didn't see was just as hot as what he did see. One of her hands wrapped around the base of his cock and the other did something naughty and really good with his balls.
The hot, wet of her mouth surrounded him and he was awash in pleasure. He knew he had to stop her soon or he'd come and he'd already discovered just how much he liked being inside her when that happened.

Now it's your turn who is your Wickedly Delicious Couple?

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  1. Another one to put on my list! :) Thanks for sharing.

    TBQ's Book Palace

    1. This series is sooo good-- one of my all time favorites!!! I would start with the first book of the series -- 4 total books!! The third book Marc and Liv is not my fave but it was still good!! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Ok got me wanting to read about the Chase Brothers next. Thank you for participating

    1. Hey,
      I think I told you about this series before--definitely think you should give it a try. I like this hop you have going--glad to participate!! Have a good week!! :)

  3. Great Wickedly Delish couple. I am a huge fan of Dane's books, but I am behind in this series. You make me wanna catch up. LOL

    1. LOL..I am a HUGE fan of Lauren Dane--she is one of my favorite authors!! I cannot tell you how much I love the Chase Brothers series!! I have reread these book so many times and LOVE them even more everytime I read them!! The only thing is the third book about Marc and Liv is just OK--not my fave of the series but still good!!
      Have a great week!! :)