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Shifters and Their Mates: Why We Love Them

First, I want to thank Mariann for letting me do a guest post on Belle's Book Bag.  I'm thrilled to be here!  I hope you'll all check out the giveaway at the end.

If you've read much shifter paranormal romance, you've probably come across the concept of mates.  Sometimes those mates are destined, sometimes they're chosen, sometimes the shifters recognize their mates instantly, sometimes it takes a while to know for sure.  Whatever form it takes, most shifter romances have some version of the idea of mates.  Why is that?

I think the idea of shifters having mates originally arose from werewolves.  Werewolves were the original shifters (at least in large scale in recent paranormal romance) and a lot of the characteristics granted to them were ones seen in wolves in the wild.  There is a belief that wolves mate for life.  A quick Google search just showed a lot of disagreement about whether that's true or not, but for our purposes it doesn't matter.  Several authors took the idea of wolves mating for life and applied that to werewolves, and the idea of "mates" and "mating" and all the lovely ways that can happen was born.

After that, the idea of mates was also applied to other types of shifters, whether or not their animal counterparts would actually "mate for life" at all.  I think we find something very compelling about the idea of having one true mate -- soul mate, if you will -- out there somewhere.  And when you add in hot alpha males and a magical way that shifters can recognize their destined mates, you get a potent mix.

This can take many forms, but consider--when you find your one true mate and you both know that you're destined to be together forever and ever, do you have to hold back anymore?  Do you have to worry 'will he still respect me in the morning' or can you give in to your feelings and desires, give in to him and go where that takes you?  I think there's also something very compelling about the idea of a hot alpha male focused totally on you.  Because that's what happens when a male shifter finds his mate -- he forsakes all others, he can only think about her, and all his strength and intensity is focused on her.  Wow.

I love this idea of mates, whether it's shifter mates or regular human soul mates.  In my novel Protecting the Pack, I wanted to have my main characters in a ménage, so I put my own twist on the mate idea.  The mates in my book--and the related series--mate in threes.  They recognize each other instantly, but only when all three of them come into close proximity.  So it's possible for two of the three to know each other for years without knowing they're mates until their third shows up.  Also, once they recognize each other, they're beset by an overwhelming desire to the physical sense.  They want sex with each other now.  Refusing the mating urge can have dire consequences.
What do you think about shifters and mates?

 I'd love to hear your thoughts.

In an otherwise modern world where werewolves mate in triads, one threesome faces overwhelming obstacles to everlasting love.

Chris leads a pack of werewolves threatened by a rival group. Alexandra follows love away from home and into trouble. Ben seeks a new home but cannot escape the ghosts of his past. The mating lust pulls Chris, Ben and Alexandra together, flooding them with the desire to mark each other and seal their bond. But their differences combine with outside forces to pull them apart, possibly forever. Their future, their love, and even their lives hang in the balance.

Ben headed out.  He had walked here, so he didn’t have to worry about driving.  He passed the bar’s parking lot as he headed for the hotel.  A young woman stepped out of her car and headed in his direction.
She was gorgeous.  Maybe not conventionally beautiful, but to him, she was nearly perfect.  She had her black hair cut short in a bob that framed her high cheekbones and porcelain skin.  Her eyes flashed at him as she caught him staring.  He couldn’t tell what color they were, but they were certainly full of life.

And her body.  She was a good eight inches shorter than he was, maybe 5'6", every inch of it a luscious curve.  Every man’s wet dream.
He couldn’t help but turn and watch her walk into the bar, enjoying the sway of her hips.  God, to have those legs wrapped around him.  How amazing would that be?
And she was a wolf.  He’d caught a whiff as she walked by.  All he needed to know was which pack she was in--that was the pack he’d join.
Imagining his beautiful she-wolf between the sheets, he headed to the hotel.  He’d ask Liam about her tomorrow.  If he still remembered her by then.

Chris noticed the woman as soon as she walked into the bar.  She was young, younger than he’d expected.  And a hell of a lot more beautiful.  Actually, she looked exactly the way he’d want a woman to look, if he ever constructed his perfect girlfriend.  And if he’d been ten years younger.  All of it--the short dark hair, the pale skin, the large breasts and curvy hips.
Dana smacked him on the arm.  “Stop staring at her.”
“Sorry.”  He said it automatically.  It was never a good idea to piss Dana off.  Just one more reason he hoped she was wrong about their being mates.  He didn’t think he could live with her temper for the rest of his life.
Keith walked up to the beauty by the door.  He had his back to Chris, but by the look on the woman’s face, he must have said something rude.  Or mean.  Chris fought the urge to smack Keith.
But his presence explained a few things.  The beauty must be the young female Keith had mentioned, the one who wanted to join his pack.  As much as Dana welcomed Ben’s joining, Chris knew she wouldn’t want this female anywhere near them.  Or near him, to be precise.
Keith and the woman walked toward him.


About Tabitha Conall
Tabitha has been in love with love since the first play she wrote at the age of eight. That story involved three princes who fell in love with three princesses. What could be more perfect?
Age has brought not just deeper conflict to her stories but also a lot more flesh. Now she describes not just the princes and princesses falling in love, but also what happens when they close the bedroom door. She’s looking forward to sharing more stories with readers very soon. 

Tabitha Conall is currently on virtual tour with 15 other awesome romance authors as part of the Insatiable Reads Book Tour. From March 4-31st, readers will be invited to enter for a chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite, free books, and other fun goodies. Readers will also be able to participate in author chats, get insights into writing and publishing romance, and collect story swag.

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  1. This sound good! Your idea of mates not knowing they're mates until all three are near each other is an interesting idea. This is on my To Buy list!

  2. Thank you, Susan! I've had fun playing around with the different kinds of trouble that can arise from not knowing you're mates until all three are together.

  3. Love the cover! I don't usually read paranormal books, but I love the excerpt so I think I will give it a try. :)